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NLP Business Skills For Influence, Effective Persuasion And Effective Communication

In this module you will learn skills to be an effective communicator and influencer. NLP was originally developed from the work of effective change agents who were renowned for their ability to communicate and persuade. As a successful business person it is essential for you to be an excellent communicator, so not only is your message heard clearly but people respond to your message appropriately.

  • Rapid and deep rapport building techniques so you can build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly
  • Rapport to influence; being influential and persuasive within a rapport setting so that the other person responds positively without feeling cajoled
  • Recognising different communication styles and how to be able to use language with different communication styles in your every day communication
  • Reading body language and the tonal qualities of voice to interpret whether the spoken word is consistent with the non verbal messages
  • The language of precision. Recognising and utilising language patterns effectively by detecting different types of language structures people use and using specific language patterns to elicit and work with the hidden messages

After this module you will have learned key influence and persuasion processes to enable you to be highly effective in rapport building and communication in your work place.


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