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About Us

Our vision

Our vision is to craft utopias where individuals are empowered to enhance their lives and those around them. In these sociaeties, self-motivation and self-responsibility illuminate paths to happiness, health, and prosperity, interwoven with a deep understanding of our interconnectedness. Our role is to facilitate and guide these transformations while fostering new facilitators who will spread empowerment’s light across the world.

Do you know that each of us have mental faculties that by unlocking them, we become an unstoppable force capable of realizing any dream we set our minds to?

These faculties encompass a range of mental processes that contribute to our overall cognitive and intellectual functioning and understanding of the world, enabling us to think, reason, perceive, learn, and process information.

In Inspire Mind Academy (I AM), we teach you how to cultivate your abilities for transformative change.

Some of the key mental faculties include:

🧠 Memory: The capacity to store, retain, and retrieve information and experiences.

🤔 Reasoning: The ability to logically analyze information, make connections, and draw conclusions.

👁️Perception: The process of interpreting and making sense of sensory information from our environment.

🎯 Attention: The ability to focus on specific stimuli or tasks while filtering out distractions.

📚 Learning: The capacity to acquire new knowledge, skills, and behaviors through experiences and education.

🎨 Creativity: The skill to generate novel ideas, concepts, and solutions through imagination and innovation.

🧩 Problem-Solving: The ability to identify and resolve challenges by applying critical thinking and logical analysis.

🗣️Language: The capacity to communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions using spoken, written, or symbolic systems.

🤝 Decision-Making: The process of evaluating options and choosing the most suitable course of action.

❤️Emotional Intelligence: The skill to recognize, understand, and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.

Leadership Coaching

Elevate your skills of calibration, to adeptly decipher and comprehend your team's dynamics, both through verbal communication and the nuanced languages of body and behavior.

Effective Communication

Master the use of language to bridge the gap of mind-reading, craft insightful questions for deeper comprehension, prevent misunderstandings, transmit information accurately, and empathetically comprehend the emotions of others.

Professional Development

Cultivate proactive leadership, peak performance and adept problem-solving skills while nurturing well-being, ensuring a harmonious blend of success in both your career and personal life.

Co-creation and team work

Enhance the quality of your workshops and secure consensual results by enlisting skilled facilitators or acquiring the knowledge to become a proficient facilitator yourself.

The idea behind Inspire Mind Academy (I AM)

Unleash your Power of 'I AM'

At Inspire Mind Academy, we believe in the transformative power of “I AM.”

Our choice to define ourselves as “I AM” rather than “IMA” reflects our core message of inner empowerment.

We advocate for thinking and acting from within, embracing the potent essence of “I AM.”

Our mission is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you unleash your genuine potential and step into your true, authentic self – a unique individual with boundless capabilities.

Meet Our Visionary Team

At our academy, established by Svein and Savis, we’re dedicated to unlocking the potential of ‘I AM’ through a transformative insight-out approach in education, innovation, co-creation, and daily activities. Our mission guides you in reprogramming your mindset for desired results.

Get to know the passionate and dedicated individuals who make up the Inspire Mind Academy team.

Savis Gohari

Savis Gohari, an urban planner and associate professor at NTNU, embarked on a transformative journey that led to profound insights about the power of individual transformation for collective impact. During her PhD research on sustainable development governance, she recognized the pivotal role of personal beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes in shaping collaborative outcomes. This revelation ignited a quest for inner change as the catalyst for societal transformation. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to NLP mastery under the guidance of her coach and mentor, the co-founder of Inspire Mind Academy. Through this journey, Savis not only discovered the keys to her own happiness and empowerment but also unearthed a universal truth: true change begins within oneself, rippling out to create harmonious connections with others and the world. Fueled by her passion for sharing this transformational wisdom, Savis co-founded Inspire Mind Academy with Svein Kaurin, a fellow advocate of holistic empowerment and change.

Svein Kaurin

Svein Kaurin is an internationally certified NLP Trainer and one of the very few certified NLP New Code Trainers in Europe. He was trained by NLP co-creator John Grinder and the highly acclaimed Life – Business Coach and Trainer Carmen Bostic St.Clair and Master trainer Michael Carroll at UK NLP Academy in London.
Svein is cofounder of Inspire Mind Academy specialised in effective communication and dissemination. He represents the latest in coaching, mental “peak performance” and change work. He is also founder of the Centre for NLP in Tromso and has over 30 years of experience as an educator. He works internationally as an NLP trainer in leadershipskills and coach with several institutions in Europe. His enthusiasm, humour, and precise communicational skills have made him attractive as a trainer/lecturer and speaker to various institutions.