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Inspire Mind Academy

Leading by Heart and Mind

Feel the fire of your untapped potential.

We’ve walked your path and discovered the magic in uniting thoughts and emotions; MIND & HEART.

Let us be your guides. With our experience, turn challenges into stepping stones.

Transformative individual and leadership development programs

Elevate your leadership skills with heart-centered coaching to inspire and motivate in the educational field.

Individual and Team Coaching

Invest in your professional growth with comprehensive programs to enhance your knowledge and stay ahead in education.

Becoming a certificated NLP Coach

Join dynamic seminars and events to explore innovative teaching methodologies and connect with industry experts.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”




TRONDHEIM 25 January 2024

Inside-Out Transformation: Changing the World for the Better

Unleash your leadership potential with our tailor-made coaching. From magnetic presentations to motivational speeches, we craft innovation. We foster collaboration, master negotiation, ignite motivation and manage conflicts for organizations worldwide. Transform culture, drive productivity, and pioneer unparalleled education. We redefine leadership for all types of businesses, governments, schools, and more.

The InspireMind Academy Story

🌟Welcome to InspireMind Academy (I AM)!

We’re a dynamic pair, brought together by our unique stories and a shared love for making big changes in life.

One of us is an Associate Professor who’s all about making cities better and greener 🌱, and the other used to teach music but now helps people change and grow using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Psycology.

We’ve blended our different backgrounds into something amazing. Our skills in communication, leadership, and personal growth have led us to create this place where transformations happen.

Savis, with her wide-ranging research experience, helps us solve important problems in society. Svein, a master of coaching and brain science, helps people change in powerful ways.

As educators, we’re great at mixing learning, new ideas, and creativity at all levels – from individual people to whole systems. Our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to transform yourself and your career thereby empowering you to positively impact the lives of those around you and contribute to co-creating a better world for all💡.

So, welcome to a place where your journey to a better you begins!

Some of our coaching and education programs include providing:

📖 Transformative & Personalized education

❤️ Heart-centered and authentic leadership

💡Inside-out leadership and mindset

🌟 self-discovery, self-motivation & self-responsibility skills

🔬 Bridging research and practice; technical and practical knowledge

💡 Tools for igniting creativity, critical-thinking, problem-solving

🤝 Effective communication, negotiation and conflict-management skills

🎯 Techniques for emotional management

🧩 Providing facilitation services for co-creation and collaborative processes

 Savis Gohari and Svein Kaurin

We’re on a mission to empower you from the inside out!

Our focus is crystal clear: we’re here to tackle individual, collective, and societal challenges holistically. How?

Through dynamic Neuro Linguistic Programming and Psychology techniques as well as cutting-edge communication and cognitive training, igniting mindset shifts that set you up for success, and cultivating emotional intelligence and management.