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NLP Premium Practitioner

Ever find yourself repeatedly falling into the same emotional or behavioral patterns? Do these patterns prevent you from achieving a goal? Does it feel like you’re unknowingly sabotaging yourself? Are you tired and frustrated of feeling this way? Or even afraid that you will never be able to get past this?

Then attend our NLP Premium Practitioner and learn the tools and techniques to free yourself of the baggage that has prevented you from achieving your goals in life and help you improve your relationship with yourself and others to achieve your desired results.

NLP is the original coaching model, the focus of NLP is creating contexts where clients’ access their own states of excellence which can be then transferred to everyday life.

NLP Premium Practitioner Course consists of the following Modules:

Module I is a four day ‘Core Skills’ course in NLP is designed to give participants without NLP experience working knowledge and practical experience of NLP core models.

During Module II ( 4 days) and Module III ( 4 days) you will build upon the core skills developed in Module I and learn New Code NLP coaching models that, when applied, will help you and others raise levels of performance in their lives.

The evaluation day takes place on the day immediately after the course where participants will participate in a series of practical exercises to demonstrate their skill and competency on what was covered during the course.

The following certificates will be awarded on completion of successful evaluation:-

  • Classic Code NLP Practitioner
  • New Code NLP Practitioner

Course objectives

Outcomes and framing

      • Easily achieve personal outcomes
      • Intention and attention and focus with outcomes
      • Setting the frame to direct attention in group and individual contexts

Rapport skills and pattern detection

      • Calibration of verbal and non verbal behaviour
      • Explicit mirroring to develop rapport
      • Micro muscle mirroring for non verbal influence and deeper levels of rapport
      • Cross over mirroring – subtle out of conscious body and tone mirroring for influence and leading
      • Leading and interaction

Perceptual positions

      • Recognising and utilising perception of self, other and observer
      • How to step back and evaluate performance and discover new choices
      • Creating empathy and learnings

Representational systems

      • The verbal and non verbal components of visual, auditory and kinesthetic representational systems
      • Overlapping systems to help others have more choice in how they perceive the world
      • Reading non verbal accessing cues, including eye patterns, tonal and body language shifts

Classic Code NLP change formats

      • The building blocks of human experience and how we code different behaviours
      • Utilising submodalities for increased clarity and focus
      • Mapping submodalities for behavioural choice
      • Classic anchoring formats for collapsing unresourceful states and stabilising new resourceful states

Personal congruency and the unconscious mind

      • Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind
      • Detecting, eliciting and utilising involuntary signals in self and others
      • Introduction to New Code NLP philosophy and change models

NLP Language Models

      • Meta Model: Syntactic questioning to ensure precise communication
      • The Milton Model, hypnotic language to layer change
      • Verbal package, specifying what you want
      • Framing, paraphrasing, misdirection and provocation,

This course is open to beginners – you need no NLP experience to attend.


We pride ourselves on providing top-quality trainings. The requirements for certification are covered at the start of each course.

We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you have an excellent understanding of NLP, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.Whilst we will do everything possible to assist you in meeting our required standards, not every student meets our standards. So when you have our certificate, you know you’ve earned it!